Comet Erasmus & Comet Leonard

If you follow me on social media or on this blog, you know by now that I’ve been mildly obsessed with Comet Leonard over the past few weeks. The only reason I became interested in Comet Leonard was because of Comet Erasmus! They go together. I believe they are messages from God, and it’s like He had one big thing to say to us, but He said the first half of his sentence around Christmas of 2020, and the second half of it during the Christmas season of 2021.

I wanted to wait until Leonard was done doing all the amazing comet-things it was going to do before I wrote this Blog, but Leonard has been so full of surprises and full of spiritual meaning even up to this very moment, I decided to just go ahead and publish what I know so far! The comet is predicted to reach perihelion (closest distance to the sun) on January 3, and then, according to all the experts, be ejected from our solar system, “never” to be seen again. (And by never they mean that it’ll be back in 80,000 years 💁🏻‍♀️.) Now is a good time to begin to peel the layers of messages I believe the Lord is sending through these signs in the heavens. SO, let me tell you a story.

The Chronological Telling of How God Began Speaking Through These Signs in the Sky:

In November of 2020, I somehow stumbled upon the fact that a comet named Erasmus had entered our galaxy. The Lord told me to look up the meaning of that name. If you need to get up-to-date on all that Erasmus means, and how a comet named that unusual name popped up on humanity’s radar at the same time as a *matching prophetic dream*, then you must go back to my earlier blog posts here and read! But to summarize: Erasmus represents true, authentic believers in God through Jesus, who remain steadfast in their faith and who never give up. The Christians represented by Erasmus are true intercessors… prayer warriors… who persevere through persecution and delay. Comet Erasmus was predicted by the astronomy/science community to “not make it.” Expectations were not high that this comet would survive its journey or turn into anything bright or noteworthy. But Erasmus did! ON CHRISTMAS DAY it brightened beyond all expectations and also turned red, white and blue. As an American prayer warrior, that pretty much made my Christmas!

Comet Erasmus had been predicted to be gone from earth’s view by December 14th. Yet, it stayed. It was gracing the sky the night of the Great Conjunction of 12/21/20. Remember that? People were calling it The Christmas Star? But it was actually the conjunction of two very bright planets, Saturn and Jupiter. It really touches me that Erasmus hung around for that. (Again, read previous blogs here to gain full understanding!) And then of course, I was deeply touched again on 12/25/20 when Erasmus did its red, white, & blue thing. Then, on January 3rd, Erasmus left. But have you ever watched WWE Wrestling? Where they do the tag-team stuff? Because ON JANUARY 3rd, *as* Comet Erasmus was tagging out, it tagged in Comet Leonard! Not even joking. On the same day Erasmus left, Comet Leonard was discovered. There is great meaning here. God is showing us that whatever Comet Leonard means, it’s connected to what Erasmus represented.

But something ELSE also happened on January 3rd! (Ya can’t make this stuff up!) I had been praying for weeks and weeks, all during the whole Comet Erasmus/Great Conjunction season, asking the Lord for our ‘Word’ for the upcoming new year, 2021. This is something that I do every year, and He is so gracious and kind to answer me each time. I will receive from Him a prophetic word that I know will characterize our new year, for my family and for our church. It’s one of my favorite things to pray about, because when the answer comes, it feels like a breath of fresh hope is being breathed out over the next 12 months, and you get this Peace that, no matter what happens, He is with you! It also helps our church have some guidelines about what to expect for the coming year. It’s all so comforting. But last year, Late 2020 came and went, with me fervently asking, but no answer was given. I was beginning to get frustrated in the waiting, but then… you guessed it!… on January 3rd the Lord finally said it! He told me— “Brilliant Justice.”

Well, that sounded great to a red-blooded American like me, who prays daily for God’s justice to sweep across our country. I thought back to Erasmus exploding into red, white and blue brilliance on Christmas Day, and I thought… HE’S DOING IT!! God is going to bring Brilliant Justice to us in 2021! I was so excited. And then, God added more! He showed me an image… I’ll call it a mini-vision because it did have some movement to it. I saw a person’s lower leg, ankle and foot. And it was in motion. I had no clue what this could have to do with Brilliant Justice, so I asked Him. He answered me by saying “I wonder if there’s a letter in the Hebrew alphabet that is a pictogram of a person’s foot in motion.” Hahaha I LOVE it when God phrases things like this, because, you know He already knows! And He’s wanting you to look it up! So, I did. And sure enough, I found that very thing. The letter gimel in Hebrew (looks like our letter C) began as a pictogram of a foot in motion. The meaning behind it was that of a rich man running to bestow mercy on a poor man. (If you think about it, it’s the gospel in a nutshell.) So sitting there at my desk on January 3rd, being my usual short-sighted self, I thought, “GOOD. The Lord is about to hurry and bring Justice upon our land and within our culture.” But I’d missed it— I missed His actual point.

Now, it’s important to note here, that ON January 3rd, I didn’t know one thing about Comet Leonard. No one did, except the guy named Greg Leonard who discovered the comet, and a few people at NASA to whom Greg reported his findings. Here’s the thing about comets: when they’re first discovered they are not usually talked about much. That’s because comets are unpredictable and a large percentage of them fizzle into non-events, and never make it into the News cycle. So let’s picture little Sally, hoping for God’s brilliant justice to break out over America, sitting at her prayer-desk all throughout January, thinking back on all the excitement of Erasmus, the Great Conjunction, prophetic dreams, and now this deeply encouraging ‘Word’ for 2021. The new year was young, and SURELY God was about to do something exciting! Little Sally was hopeful.

But then, 2021 unfolded like the worse-cousin of 2020. As I dutifully thanked God each morning for his promise of Brilliant Justice, I began to realize that what I was seeing in real life, in News headlines, media posts and even in our personal lives, was actually just MORE injustice. I doubled down. I prayed harder. I found scriptures about justice to pray aloud. I’m a veteran Christian/prayer warrior and I know NOT to give up and HOW not to give up. I used all the tools I’ve picked up over the years (decades!) of being a warrior. But by June of 2021, I was…. whiney. I took it the Lord. I prayed, “LORD! You said ‘Brilliant Justice’!!” He responded, “Yes. Notice I didn’t say SWIFT.” And then He did the most beautiful, tender, helpful thing! He re-showed me the gimel, the image of the rich man running, eager, to pour out mercy on the poor man. In January, I’d assumed I was the “poor man”, victimized by evil persons running an evil agenda. But I was not the poor man. I am RICH. I’m in Christ! He has called me to the glorious riches of His inheritance! 🙌🏻 (Ephesians 1:18) In God’s mind, the “poor man” is anyone who doesn’t yet know His Son. He RUNS to show them mercy. (See the parable of the prodigal son!) So halfway thru the year of 2021, I realized, OHhhh, we’re waiting. In God’s mercy, people are being given time to repent. To turn to Him. To receive His love and forgiveness in their hearts. I knew then that it was time to keep on being like Erasmus. Keep on being faithful, devoted, true to Christ despite persecution and delay, honoring HIS timing.

But remember, alllll this time, Comet Leonard was *out there*, speeding toward earth. It’s just that average people like me, were unaware. And, whatever Comet Erasmus meant… Comet Leonard was going to connect with that!

Fast forward to November of 2021. No sweeping “Brilliant Justice” had happened, but the words ‘Brilliance‘ and ‘Bright’ did keep popping up on my newsfeed. Why? Because Comet Leonard was getting closer and closer to earth, and had survived its interstellar journey very well. Astronomy sites, and then quickly mainstream media, were excited to publish articles about how Leonard was turning out to be the “BRIGHTEST Comet of the Year.” Every single article mentioned its brilliance, and also one other quality— it was FAST! Comet Leonard was coming toward our skies at a rate of 45 miles per second!

Then the Lord told me to look up the meaning of this comet’s name. Leonard means “strength of a Lion.” I instantly knew that this comet would represent Jesus as the Lion of Judah. Let’s think about this: Erasmus,the symbol of persevering steadfastness and prayer, tagged out while tagging IN the Lion of Judah. This would be a good time to list all the ways Comet Leonard has done something, or become something, that expresses the qualities, or likeness, of Jesus in His role of Lion of Judah. I’m not going to over-explain, I’m just going to list and hope that you see it:

• the BRIGHTNESS (think Brilliant justice)

• the FAST speed

• the amazing TAIL (one morning the Lord asked me why & when does a Lion swish its tail. I looked it up and learned that it’s for communicating with, or sending signals to, members of its pride. Sometimes to indicate its mood, sometimes to warn them during a hunt. Then later I saw many enthusiastic posts from the astronomy community proclaiming, with photos to prove, that Comet Leonard’s tail was literally swishing! Some said “dancing!”)

• the fact that Leonard was proclaimed by astronomers and journalists to be “the whole world’s comet” because it would be visible from every continent (John 3:16)

•WHAT IT DID ON CHRISTMAS DAY (okay this one deserves a photo)

The tail experienced what they call a “detachment event” and a photographer captured it. I was stunned when I realized that this created a profile image of The Lord Jesus within the comet. And He’s regally holding His scepter. (Photo cred: Michael Jager)

❤️ Do you see Him? ❤️

• What Comet Leonard did on December 26th!

The day after the image of Jesus appeared within it, the Comet took on a rainbow-like appearance. Rainbows represent God keeping His promises! (photo cred: Andrew McCarthy)

• What it did on the last few days of December! The tail of Comet Leonard grew and grew and became SO LONG that professional astro-photographers could no longer capture the comet within one frame! It is very rare to have a comet with a tail as long as Comet Leonard’s.

I’ll close this blog entry with two scriptures that come to mind as I, and thousands of other comet enthusiasts, have pondered the massive size and length of this comet’s tail:

Isaiah 6:1-3, where it talks about Isaiah’s vision of the Lord— “I saw the Lord… high and exalted, and the train of His robe filled the temple…. and they (angels) were calling to one another ‘Holy holy holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory!’”

Psalm 57:5, where King David (who also is a member of the Tribe of Judah!) proclaims— “Be exalted, O God, above the heavens! Let your glory be over all the earth!”

Comet Erasmus and Comet Leonard are signs. And like I always say, the sign is not the thing… the sign is what points to the thing!

It’s getting late now on this final evening of December, 2021. I have more to say, and Comet Leonard is still around for a few more days, so I think I’ll post again in a day or two. And guess what? Just like last year, here I am going into the New Year, and God hasn’t given me our ‘Word’ for 2022 yet! Haha! 😄This is amazing! I’m sure it’s coming any moment now…

Another Mini-blog about Comet Leonard

The big article IS coming, I promise! It’s just that Comet Leonard keeps changing, delighting its viewers, and surprising the astronomy world SO MUCH. My goal is to watch the comet do all that it’s going to do and extract all the spiritual meaning out of it, and THEN finish the big post.

But let me just tell you about yesterday! First of all, Comet Leonard has now undergone its second outburst, or “brightening.” This really surprised the experts. According to all their predictions, the comet was supposed to not be visible at all from the Northern hemisphere after December 18. But here it is the 22nd, and people are still seeing it from all over the globe! I saw it last night!!

Moving on to the spiritual, though: Yesterday morning in my Quiet Time with the Lord, He just outta the blue asked me this question— He said, “Why does a Lion swish its tail?” I didn’t know, so I began to research it.

Lions use their tail to communicate, or send signals to, other members of their pride. I love this! Our King Jesus is the Lion of Judah, and those of us who worship Him are the members of His pride. So, since I’ve learned that Comet Leonard is a symbol over earth right now representing the Lion of Judah, I was intrigued by what the Lord asked me yesterday, but I didn’t really ‘get it’ until later in the morning when I hopped on Twitter to check all the new Comet Leonard photos astronomers are posting.

Y’all. The very first tweet I saw was this one.

The comet’s tail is literally swishing now.

Yesterday on Twitter was so much fun because the astronomy community is grappling with this phenomenon, trying to figure it out, trying to explain it, trying to know what to even call it!

Because I’m viewing this whole Comet Leonard saga through a spiritual/Biblical lens, I’m just taking it as confirmation that God IS speaking to us through this comet. Its full meaning is forthcoming! 🙌🏻


Comet Leonard Teaser!

I’m currently working on the big blog/article about what Comet Leonard means, spiritually, and I’ll have it ready in a few days, but I just HAVE TO go ahead and post this teaser/spoiler-alert!

The bigger article will fill in ALL the details and, guys, trust me you want to know them all if you’re interested in what God is saying to our planet right now! He keeps telling me that it’s about TIME and it’s about Timing.

Keep in mind, the only reason I’m interested in this comet this year is because of the amazing things God spoke and taught me last year through Comet Erasmus. The name Erasmus represented: Intercession, long-enduring faithfulness in spite of persecution, and faithful prayer in the face of delay. The name LEONARD means “Lion strength.”

This comet has Aslan vibes all over it!

“Aslan is on the move.” Aslan represents the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ Himself. 😳

I’m clearly very excited about this.

MORE TO COME! Be watching for my next post. Also be watching for Comet Leonard. This week its brilliance has reached the level that makes it visible to the naked eye. ❤️

November’s Blood Moon Eclipse AND God’s Nickname for the Moon!

Did you know God has a nickname for the moon??

At 3:00 a.m. on November 19th, I got up to see the Lunar eclipse that had been forecasted. It was the “longest eclipse in over 600 years,” lasting from 1:19 a.m. until 4:47 a.m. I did not view it that whole time! Haha I value my sleep! But I did know that it was expected to “peak” around 3:00, and that was the phase I wanted to see. I was not disappointed! And I didn’t even have to go outside into the cold. This lunar eclipse/blood moon was perfectly framed within my kitchen window! I stood there in the warmth of my kitchen and enjoyed it.

(I didn’t take this photo, but it’s an actual photo of the 11/19 eclipse and a close representation of what I got to see!)

Later that morning when I got up for the day, I was writing in my journal about the Eclipse. I’d like to share with you my conversation with the Lord about it, because He shared some amazing things! First, I thanked God for the Eclipse and that I got to see it. Then I told the Lord that the moon “always makes me think of King David.” That’s because of a beautiful article I read a long time ago that poetically compared King David as the moon, and Jesus as the sun, drawing an analogy that every single night, the “lesser light” (representing David loving & worshipping God before GRACE arrived) is there, but when dawn comes, the lesser light humbly bows out, and makes room for the SON. The beauty of that article really impacted me, and I’ve never forgotten its concept. It also caused me, years ago, to dig into WHY people associate King David with the moon. It’s found in two Scripture passages: Psalm 89: 34—37, and Jeremiah 33: 19—26.

Psalm 89 is where we find God’s nickname for the moon! He calls it “the faithful witness in the sky.” Oh man I LOVE that! And what is the Lord talking about here in this passage? He’s talking about the PROMISE He gave to David, that there would never fail to be a son from his own lineage to occupy his throne— “that his *line* will continue forever.” Of course this is a prophecy about the coming of Jesus, our living and enduring King. (It’s also a double-prophecy about something that has more specifically to do with David, but that’s beyond the scope of this particular blog! Hint: it has to do with the End Times. Watch for future blog posts! 🤗)

Hundreds of years after the original time that God had made this prophecy/promise to David, we see Him still talking about it to the prophet Jeremiah. The verses I’ve pointed out in chapter 33 are basically God reminding Jeremiah (and all Israel/Judah) that his promise to David still stands. He says that the only way this covenant can be broken is if somehow the whole Day & Night thing stops happening! Sounds pretty solid to me!

Now, back to my conversation with the Lord on 11/19/21. And let me be SO transparent here and say: I’ve been really worried about our world, my nation, mankind, etc. Y’all know what I mean. 2020, 2021… all the scary-ness. So with some trepidation in my heart, I asked the Lord if the Eclipse meant anything. Here’s what happened:

Me— Lord, did it mean anything?

Him— Was it a full eclipse?

Me— NEARLY full, but there was still a shining part, a sliver, at the bottom.

Him— So the sun’s light was still illuminating a bit of it?

Me— Yes

Him— And what was casting the shadow?

Me— Earth.

Him— So no matter how much Earth was in the way, it couldn’t totally block out the Glorious Light?

Me— Right.

Him— And of course there HAVE been full lunar eclipses in the past, but what I’m pointing to now is TIMING. The darkness did not go full-circle! YES to Psalm 89 and Jeremiah 33!

This journal conversation with the Lord was only the beginning of a huge wave of comfort and reassurance He gave me over the next few days. I’d like to summarize it here. So, I’d done some science-y research and learned that the lunar eclipse had caused 97% of the moon to darken. The sliver of light at the bottom, during that peak moment, was 3% of the surface of the moon. Once these facts were in my head, Jesus started talking to me about The Remnant.

One of the things He said to me was that the dark shadow of the earth (I think he means the dark stuff happening on earth) had *almost* snuffed out the light, but not completely. Then he showed me that 3% sliver of brilliance gleaming at the bottom of the moon and he said: There. Is. Always. A. Remnant. Then He said something so mysterious and deep that the explanation of it will definitely have to be for another Blog post! He said, “The Light in the blood activates the key. Think Key of David” (please picture me here with my mind BLOWN!) Then, in my spirit I heard a Bible verse… “In Him was life, and that life is the light of men.” I typed it into a search bar quickly, and saw that it’s John 1:4. I only looked at that one verse, on my Bible App that day.

The next day, the Lord was still talking about the Eclipse, and kept re-showing me in my heart, that 3% sliver of light. Then I heard another phrase, and I knew it was part of a Bible verse that I’d memorized as a child. (It came to me in King James Version— that’s how I know I’d stored it in my mind a LONG time ago!😊) The phrase I heard was: “The darkness comprehended it not.” So I typed that into my search bar. Guess where it took me? It’s John 1, verse FIVE! The very next verse from the day before! But in my new NIV version it uses the word “overcome” instead of “comprehend.” “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

Doesn’t that verse perfectly sum up the Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon of 2021?? THERE IS ALWAYS A REMNANT, y’all! I mean, as a student of God’s Word I knew that, but it’s like the traumas of the past two years had caused my heart to forget it. There’s a remnant of Light shining brilliantly forth from planet Earth, and it’s us! It’s the portion of mankind who are Redeemed by Blood of the Lamb, and are living for His Kingdom. Somehow, in the spirit realm, we glow!

In HIM was life, and that life was the light of men! The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has NOT overcome it!

There. Is. Always. A. Remnant.

God promised it to David, and we can always let the moon be the faithful witness in the sky to remind us. ❤️

Update/Recap on SKY Happenings & What they mean!

December has been a really great time for looking UP! With the Great Conjunction AND Comet Erasmus happening simultaneously… spiritually minded people begin thinking “this has got to MEAN something!” And, I submit to you… it does!

This will be a brief update mostly about Erasmus. I have a LOT more to say on the topic of The Great Conjunction and what it means for Christians in 2020/21, but I don’t have all that info ready quite yet! Be watching for another blog soon. For now let’s fix our focus on Comet Erasmus.

First of all, this comet was discovered in November and was predicted to complete its strangely shaped orbit within our solar system in mid-December and then be gone from our view by the 21st. It was supposed to be: Comet Erasmus, THEN the Great Conjunction with Erasmus out of the picture, then Christmas. That is not, however, what happened! I’m so excited to tell you/show you what DID happen!

First I want to remind everyone that Comet Erasmus symbolizes authentic intercessory PRAYER. Within the interpretations of the prophetic dreams and visions God has given me, Comet Erasmus came to represent, specifically, true and fervent prayer over America— prayer that will ultimately accomplish the victory the USA needs in this hour to stay free. Knowing that, let me tell you that even though the comet was supposed to be gone from view well before Christmas, it in fact did not leave our solar system. And… I have a picture of what Comet Erasmus looked like ON CHRISTMAS DAY! Are you ready for this?

Red, white & blue!

All other satellite images of Comet Erasmus either showed it as a small white blob with a short tail, or, more frequently, a blue glow in the sky. But ON Christmas, while representing the fervent prayers we’re praying over our country, it looked like this! Its beauty was breathtaking to me. And its message is deeply encouraging. ❤️🇺🇸

Also important to note: Erasmus did not bow out of the scene on the night of the Great Conjunction (some called it the Christmas star or Bethlehem star) on December 21. While not visible to the naked eye that night, it was still there, in the constellation Sagittarius, and photographable by satellites. When Saturn and Jupiter conjoined, that represented Father God and King Jesus coming together. It gives me great comfort and encouragement to know that “our prayers”…our fervent intercessions, were right up there too! It feels like all these are working together to bring about something GOOD. 😊

P.S. Comet Erasmus is now predicted to leave our solar system some time in the first week of January. I really appreciate Erasmus hanging around for this long! Thanks, Elmo! 🤗

More on the Flying Elmos, Who They Might Be, & Where We Are in Time

Please forgive how long and multi-layered this is. God has been speaking so much lately that it’s truly like drinking from a fire hose. It’s difficult to process and sort it all in a way that is clear to readers. I originally wrote this to a person who was helping me sort through it all. We must keep pressing on to understand what God is so enthusiastically saying at this time! Be blessed as you read.

            On November 3rd was the Election.  For the following two days I was in shock and some kind of weird grief-fog.  On the third day, I went kayaking. I knew I had to get out in nature, to let the outdoors soothe my soul and mind, and to listen for what God would say.

Early that morning, before I went kayaking, the Lord had spoken a date to me and told me to look it up in one of my old journals. The date He mentioned was May 3rd, 2019. My Quiet Time was cut short that morning, so I made a mental note to look it up later.

            In the afternoon, I got my chance to go to the lake and kayak. Once I got out on the open water, my soul and mind began to feel more at peace. I was all alone with the sights and sounds of nature, and my spirit could sense the Lord.  I came around a bend in the lake, and I gasped with delight at a sight that was new to me— dozens and dozens of very large white birds (I later learned they were American White Pelicans), one-third of them lined up with precision along the entire length of a log in the water, and the rest swimming nearby. Two of them responded to my presence by taking flight and circling above my head, showing off their dramatic wingspans. As the bright sunlight passed through their wings, I couldn’t help but notice that American Pelicans’ wings look almost identical to those of a stork. (This becomes important later! I’ve been fascinated by stork wings for years because of a certain passage in the Bible—will explain later I promise!) I kept my kayak very quiet in the water and slowly moved closer to the pelicans on the log. I wanted a better look at them, and I wanted to see how close they’d let me get. I was having good success until a couple of jet skiers came along. The loud sound of their engines caused all the pelicans to take flight! These are LARGE birds with massive wingspans, so taking flight is not a quick process for them. It was poetically slow and dramatic and deliberate and magnificent. It was downright cinematic. It was also… mathematic. They lifted themselves up from the surface of the water, all flying at a slight angle away from me, but then with great precision they began to bank to the left and adjust their position to each other, thus forming two lines. As they gained altitude and reached the sky, I was amazed to see them form a perfect giant ‘V’, and in that formation they flew directly over me.

            I was astounded at the beauty and rarity of this moment. I also knew that God had set this up for me. I’d gone to the lake to pray and sort out all my sad, mad, bewildered feelings about the Election. And to ask God, “what is going to happen here with this Presidential race?” But just to have the Lord send me a moment of such exquisite beauty was in itself a blessing, and in that moment I only took it for the encouragement gift that it was. I didn’t realize that God was actually saying more through that moment until later, after I’d gotten home from the lake.

            That evening, I had some extra time to journal, and was excitedly writing about my kayaking adventures. It was then that the Holy Spirit reminded me, “Hey, look up that date.” So I found my 2019 journal and began to read from the May 3rd entry. It turns out that I’d woken up from a prophetic dream that morning, and had written it there in my journal.

In my dream I was able to somehow see, a very well-done televised shot from a drone camera that was filming from the exterior of the White House. The camera was focused on the President’s bedroom window. It was very early in the morning, and the blinds were closed. Then the window blinds opened…in my dream it was actually a shade that went up, and there was Donald Trump in his PJ’s! (His pj’s were NICE… preppy, gray ones and the President was looking fresh and well rested.) He looked out the window and realized that “We the People” had been able to tune in and see his ‘first moment’ of this early morning, so he smiled and threw his arms straight up in the most epic ‘V’ for Victory pose! I woke up immediately after this dream, and knew that the interpretation was: a stunning New Day for America!

            Remember that when I’d been out on the lake, I was praying and asking God what would be the end result of this election. Then the whole flock of American Pelicans formed a giant V right in front of me. Then I came home and was prompted to find that dream. This all happened on Friday, November 6th.

            On Sunday, November 8th, I was driving to church, my teenage daughter with me, and we got stopped at the last traffic light before the interstate. Mine was the first car stopped and waiting. A large semi-truck came off the interstate and turned in front of us. The cab of this truck was gleamingly new and was a color that I’d never seen used for a truck cab before! It was such a bright, sunny yellow that it really grabbed my attention. And there, printed across the side of the cab, was a certain word… a word I’ll keep secret for now (as of this writing) because it is not yet time to release it… but I will say that it’s a word that I have prayed from my heart 4.9 billion times for 13 years. It is a tender and private prayer request that has come to represent the deepest parts of my walk with God. Over the years, whenever my faith would waver regarding this request, or my hope would sag, I’d pray and ask the Lord to show me that word, just as I went about my day, for him to let me see it somewhere, to boost my faith. (And so many times, He did that for me!) Now, here it was, plastered across a huge sunshine yellow semi truck, driving right in front of my car. And that COLOR! That color and I have a history together. Do you remember the 2008/2009 financial crisis and recession? That was a rough time for me, and also most of America. So rough, that on January 1, 2009, that bright citron yellow was named the Official Color of the New Year. News anchors and Talk-show hosts announced it and called it the color of HOPE.

            Hope was the first thought in my brain when I saw that truck, and of course my heart soared even higher when I saw that my special secret prayer request was written on the side. Then the Lord said, “Pay attention to the numbers,” and I saw in my mind the very intersection where this was happening—like a map view of it. The interstate the truck was exiting from was I-65. The Lord showed me the 65 like this: “6+5.  That’s eleven!”  The road the truck was turning onto was Highway 76. The Lord showed me that number like this: “ ’76 as in 1776.  7+6=13, think 13 Colonies.” (This felt large in my spirit, like it had National overtones.)  “7+6=13, think 13 years.” (This felt private and personal.)  As I drove the rest of the way to church, I had a lot to ponder!

            First, about the numbers. God reminded me that eleven means shift. It felt like He was saying a very large, very bright SHIFT has turned and is rolling right up through the 13 original Colonies, and all that they represent, all that they embodied in 1776.  Then, that COLOR. I’d already realized that it was the color of Hope, but something else kept tapping at my brain. When I got to church and could use my phone, I did what we all do when something is tapping at our brain—I googled it. I hit “images” and BAM, there it was, the exact thing God wanted me to find! It was a perfect square color-swatch of that bright yellow, and it was stamped with the color’s name that an interior paint manufacturer had chosen for it: St. Elmo’s Fire.  Enter… the second prophetic dream in this story! This is a dream the Lord sent to my daughter Sarah in 2017. We knew that it was a significant prophetic dream, and had been asking God for the interpretation for it all this time!  I won’t tell the whole dream here, for it has two parts, and the second part is for my daughter to tell. But please notice that the car in her dream is the same color as the truck God brought into my real-world experience!

It was a beautiful sunny day, and Sarah was riding in the backseat of a car, her Dad driving, and a certain man we know from church in the front passenger seat. The car was a classic Camaro and its color was yellow. They had the windows down as they rode because it was such a lovely day, and everywhere they went, certain men would greet them and say “I was in the Flying Elmos too!” And then they’d say what year or years they’d been in the group. There was a vibe of joy and comradery. Then Sarah realized that there was an emblem painted on the side of the Camaro— it was Elmo (yes the Sesame Street Elmo!) but this Elmo had eagles’ wings. 

So. Let’s re-cap. 

I was grieved over the Election and was crying out to God about who would ultimately win. I was given, as a response to my prayers, a giant V in the sky (made out of American Pelicans!) and also the image of President Trump giving the V-for-Victory to the American people. Then I was shown a truck, which was the color of Hope, and it had my deepest most personal prayer request on it. Then I was shown that the truck’s color was also called St. Elmo’s Fire, which brought in the connection of Sarah’s dream and all that we subsequently learned about St. Erasmus… also known as St. Elmo.

            St. Erasmus lived in Italy in the 3rd Century. He was an early Christian Bishop and was ultimately martyred. He is known as one of the “Fourteen Helpers,” a group of intense intercessors during that time. He was brutally tortured many times, but never recanted his faith in Jesus Christ. He was a powerful preacher and evangelist, and even had “signs and wonders” follow his preaching sometimes. There are stories of lightning striking the ground near him as he preached! And people were amazed because he just kept right on preaching. There was another incident where he was about to be seized by officials bent on arresting him, and a lightning bolt came suddenly and knocked his oppressors backward away from him, allowing him to escape. These stories about Erasmus… “St. Elmo”…became legendary and caused sailors to name a natural phenomenon after him.  St. Elmo’s Fire is blue plasma lightning that occurs on parts of ships at sea during certain weather/geomagnetic conditions.

            As I was researching and learning all this information about St. Elmo, November 11th arrived. I woke up at 4:43 a.m. from a vision I was having! The Lord was showing me that day’s date in a peculiar way. The word November was normal, but that eleven… each numeral ‘one’ had been turned into the trunk of a tree, and from that, branches were growing. At the tips of each branch, there were blossoms. As I saw this, I heard Him say, “The olive trees are flowering.” I instantly thought of Zechariah chapter 4, and then the Lord said, “Go ahead and go to your well-worn path.”  I love that He called Zechariah my “well-worn path” because it shows that He gets me! He knows.  During the long wait for the secret prayer request and EVERY OTHER REQUEST, HOPE, DESIRE of my heart that I’ve been praying for, for so very long without seeing it come to fruition, I would so often be pulled like a magnet to the book of Zechariah—especially chapters 4 and 5. At first, I didn’t understand any of it. There’s a lot of mystery in there! But the Bible is so cool, if you just keep coming back, keep reading the stuff you don’t understand, and whisper prayers for understanding, after a while, God—seeing your tenacity—will begin to peel the layers and reveal exactly what His word means.

            When I first started reading Zechariah as a novice, I could not have been more intrigued about the Golden Lampstand, the two olive trees, the capstone, the “separated stone” that had seven eyes on it (that mystery actually gets introduced in chapter 3!), the flying scroll, the woman in a basket, the two women with the wind in their wings—but I didn’t understand any of it! After nearly 14 years of reading, praying and studying, I now understand some of it. I’ve learned the meaning of: The Golden Lampstand, the capstone, and the two olive trees. And on the morning of November 11th, (11\11!)  here those trees appeared in a vision God was giving me! A vision embedded into the very date! I couldn’t grab my Bible fast enough. I started digging afresh into my well-worn path. And keep in mind, my thoughts and prayers had not moved one millimeter off of The Flying Elmos, St. Erasmus, St. Elmo’s Fire, and the bright yellow truckload of Hope. Whatever I was about to read in my Bible was going to pass through the filter of my trying to understand all of that.

            I looked carefully again at the two olive trees. There they were, right there in verses 3, 11 and 12, still providing oil to keep that Lampstand burning. (Raise your hand if you’ve been following Jesus long enough to know that you are an olive on that tree, and olives have to be pressed, squeezed, and crushed to make the oil that fuels the Lamp!) As part of my vision that morning, I had heard the Lord also say, “The flowering of the olive trees shows the induction of the final surge of oil supplied.”  I will not let you forget that He said this. It took me several days to extract all the meaning from it, and we will circle back around to this later!

But for now, it’s back to the Flying Elmos. That dream caused us to dig into who St. Elmo was, what his life entailed, and what legacy he left for future Christ-followers. First and foremost, Erasmus was an intercessor. The deep intercessory prayers offered by God’s true remnant of believers (like Erasmus, like us!) is what is pictured in Zechariah 4, as olive trees provide perpetual oil. Erasmus was also tortured horrifically, but remained faithful. As I pondered this, the Lord spoke powerfully to me and said that once satan saw that physical torture wasn’t an effective way to get Christians to recant, he “switched tactics”, and now will use prolonged DELAY to try and get us to give up. Here’s a quote from my journal where the Lord was explaining this:

“In Heaven, long delay is EQUATED with physical torture. Like, it weighs the SAME, as far as ‘COST’, as far as GLORY added to the life of a Believer.”


And think about that.

            Okay, moving on. One thing I’ve noticed about reading Zechariah 4… it always leads to reading Zechariah 5. It’s all just too intriguing!  As I dug into these chapters the day of my 11/11 vision, I began receiving fresh understanding about chapter 5, AND, for the first time ever, I saw with great clarity the connection between chapters 4 and 5! It was a true “lightbulb moment” for me, and I promise I will explain the connection, but first we have to see some specifics inside chapter 5. The symbols in Zechariah’s continuing vision here are: The flying scroll, the woman in the basket, and the two women with the wind in their wings. I gotta tell ya… It has been bugging me for YEARS—Who Are These Women?? The scroll is not hard to figure out, the Bible tells us what that is. It’s the stating of the  curse, going out over the whole land. The woman in the basket is also explained right within the chapter. The basket is the measure of iniquity, and the woman is wickedness.  But those two winged women! Their identity is not explained, and if you search commentaries, you’ll find no shortage of conflicting opinions regarding them. What we DO know is that they had wings (with wind in them) that were “like the wings of a stork.” WAIT ONE SECOND. Did we just say *stork*? Because I happen to know from a very recent personal experience that the wings of a stork look nearly identical to the wings of the American White Pelican!  Everything that had happened to me within my walk with God during this difficult month of November was starting to seem connected. I was starting to think that those two women are placed in Zechariah 5 to provide a prophetic picture… a foreshadowing… of the Flying Elmos. And the wind in their wings could be a foreshadowing of the Holy Spirit arriving in Acts chapter 2!  

            Now let’s talk about my epiphany on how the two chapters are connected. Chapter 4 shows intercessory prayer happening, born out of difficulties and “crushings” that turn olives into olive oil, and then that oil is fuel for the Kingdom of Jesus. Early Christians like St. Elmo made oil that helped fuel the Kingdom. True believers from every era since the Cross and Resurrection and Pentecost have contributed oil of the same nature. WE are right now still doing that. But listen to a detail God mentioned on the day of my 11/11 vision: “The flowering of the olive trees shows the induction of the *final surge* of oil supplied.” We’re getting into timing here. We’re getting into specific fulfillments, prophesied right here in Zechariah, that point to what’s actually going on in our culture, in our day. Here’s a quote from my journal where I am processing all that the Lord was showing me:

Lord, I’m realizing that the oil (pressed from the olives from the two olive trees) is actually the Spirit-infused PRAYERS of the intercessors down through the centuries of your Kingdom… the “King/Priests” formed when Jesus died to make us a holy nation for You, God. Our prayers… Erasmus’ and the 14 Helpers, Apostle Paul and all the praying heroes of the early Church, and even US… “The Flying Elmos”—our prayers ARE the oil that has kept that Golden Lampstand burning! IT HAS BEEN OUR PRAYERS AND OUR STEADFAST FAITH! And it is all those centuries of pressed-olive prayer that eventually culminate in the events of Chapter 5 being able to happen! Like… prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer (for two millenia!) and then finally… a flying scroll! We prayed the Kingdom to the point in time where the curse over iniquity can be announced, where Wickedness finally reached its full measure, and some JUSTICE is on its way.

     I always wondered why the two women were taking the basket far away to build a house for it. Why build a house for that woman, Iniquity? But then it hit me. Look at what’s written on the scroll… the curse. The Lord says that He will send it out, and it will enter THE HOUSE of the thief and the liar. Wickedness has got to have a house before God can rain his judgment down on it and destroy it! And while we’re focused on the details of the curse, let’s back up one verse and see this description: “According to what it says on one side, every *thief* will be banished, and according to what it says on the other, everyone who *swears falsely* will be banished.” And it goes on to say that the curse will then cause their complete destruction.  The day I was on the lake with a sad and bewildered heart, and every day since then as I watch what’s going on in our country… the reason for all this stress and uncertainty is thievery (a STOLEN election) and  lying/swearing falsely (the mainstream media driving the narrative).  According to God’s Word, that’s all about to be destroyed!

            Let me end this by quoting something the Lord said to me on November 14th.  I’d had an unusual start to my day. I awoke from a sensation of having seen blue lightning flash, and then before I could even get my early morning coffee made, the sky over our neighborhood turned the most electric red I’ve ever seen, and Jesus drew my attention to it out our windows. Then a massive wave of weeping washed over me, and I knew it was Him weeping through me. It wasn’t the sad kind of weeping, it was the kind that comes with great RELIEF and Joy. Here is what He said:

You saw in your spirit just before waking, blue plasma lightning. You saw “St. Elmo’s Fire!” Now I’ve also shown you this dramatic fiery red sky at dawn. What strikes this Land *is* straight fire released because you prayed– you and other intercessors who authentically leaned in long enough to truly listen to My heart, and pray the truth. Because you’ve done this, the bowls that gathered your prayers became full, and have tipped. They release the lightning of St. Elmo’s Fire. It has been gathering in bowls since the time of Erasmus! As the bowls tip and release their contents, I add My power to them. The earth has NEVER seen anything like what is about to sweep across. Mankind will never be the same.  Do you understand that this is real? The time has come, and that is why I turned the sky to FIRE at the sunrise this morning and that is why I was weeping through you before you could even drink your first cup of coffee.

You may be asking, “What does that mean?…’the time has come’.”  I don’t know exactly. But I do know that we see a characteristic of God on display ALL throughout Scripture: He never does a thing that’s significant for mankind without announcing it ahead of time.

Spiritual Significance of all the Cool Sky-happenings!

Seems like everyone is talking about the “Christmas Star”— the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that’s happening in our December sky this year! Two weeks ago the Lord brought this planetary conjunction to my attention, before I’d seen anyone else posting about it, and He told me to look into it. He had some things He wanted to reveal.

My interest in sky-happenings was already extremely heightened because of *amazing* spiritual things that have gone on this Fall, well before we all started finding out about Jupiter and Saturn. That conjunction seemed to be the bow on top of a beautiful present God is giving, and I’ve been trying for two weeks now to figure out how to get it all sorted out and written down!

In March of 2017 my daughter Sarah had a prophetic dream. We knew it was from the Lord, and that it was important, but we did not get an interpretation for it! When this happens, we’ve learned to kinda just put the dream on a shelf, readily accessible if at any point in the future the Lord begins to reveal what it means. I won’t tell the whole dream here… that’s for Sarah to do when she is ready. But I will describe the first part of it.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and Sarah was riding in the backseat of a car, her Dad driving, and a certain man we know from church in the front passenger seat. The car was a classic Camaro and its color was yellow. They had the windows down as they rode because it was such a lovely day, and everywhere they went, certain men would greet them and say “I was in the Flying Elmos too!” And then they’d say what year or years they’d been in the group. There was a vibe of joy and comradery. Then Sarah realized that there was an emblem painted on the side of the Camaro— it was Elmo (yes the Sesame Street Elmo!) but this Elmo had eagles’ wings.

As we prayed for interpretation of this dream, we felt led to do some research on the word Elmo. (Around that same time God had been teaching us some cool things about “St. Elmo’s Fire.”) So we began to learn about who St. Elmo was. He was a believer in Jesus during the 3rd Century. His real name was Erasmus. He is referred to in writings from that time as St. Erasmus and then later as St. Elmo. We learned that he was an authentic Christ follower who had been persecuted and tortured horribly several different times, but never recanted his faith. He was also one of a group called “The Fourteen Helpers,” a group of mighty intercessors during those days of the early church. We came to the conclusion that the Elmo part of the dream represented true intercession, remaining faithful to Jesus through extreme difficulty, and even having supernatural POWER accompany your service to Christ (that’s where the St Elmo’s Fire part comes in, but full explanation will have to wait. Don’t want this article to be TOO terribly long!) It was fun to learn all about St. Elmo, but for three and a half years the full interpretation of the dream did not come.

Then, I was driving to church on a Sunday morning (11/8/2020), and the most amazing thing happened. I got stopped at a traffic light near the interstate, and this big semi truck exited the interstate and had to turn right in front of my car! It was one of those moments where you wonder for a second if the truck is gonna clear your car! 😬 The cab of this very large truck was so brand new it was sparkly, and it was a color of bright yellow that I’d never seen used for a truck! It was really attention-grabbing! I remember thinking that it reminded me of the “Official Color of 2009” that the news media had chosen for that year (our nation was reeling from a Recession & housing market crash), and they’d called it the Color of HOPE. And then. OH MY WORD and THEN, as it passed within inches of my windshield, I saw a word printed in bold black letters across the door of that truck— a word I’ve never seen used on a truck before. The word was my most private, closely guarded, innermost secret prayer request that I’ve been praying for 14 years. I saw that word printed there and it took my breath away. This word had come to symbolize the thing I’ve agonized in prayer, in secret, deep within my heart SO ARDENTLY for so very long. And there it was, on parade in front of my eyeballs, in the bright morning sun. And the color of the truck cab was just as bright. I gasped and prayed “Lord! What does this mean?” He said to look up the color. After I got to church, I did just that. (Google images is an amazing tool!) As I tried to match the color, the first suggestion that popped up was actually a paint swatch put out by a paint company, and it was labeled “St. Elmo’s Fire.” Well, that got my attention! I realized that this real-life incident with the big yellow truck had been sent by God to be a companion to the Flying Elmos dream. And it felt like the truck was symbolizing a great big load of happiness and HOPE.

After church I shared all this with Sarah, and we began to stir up all the things we’d learned about St. Elmo, and to ask again if God would help us interpret the Flying Elmos Dream. And this time, He did! Over the course of the next several days, we began to have stunning revelation after stunning revelation about Erasmus, about authentically following Jesus in the face of persecution or great delay, about St. Erasmus and his Fourteen Helpers, and about why “St. Elmo’s fire” (the weather phenomenon) is named after Erasmus. And right in the midst of all this, I happened to learn that a new comet had been discovered in our skies, in late November, and the name they gave the comet is…. ERASMUS! Sarah and I got super excited about that! Here’s a pic of us texting about it on 11/24.

So now we’ve got a dream from 2017 that’s been brought back to life and is being interpreted, which is all about Erasmus, AND someone just discovered a comet in our universe and named it Erasmus. God had our full attention!

Then right on the heels of that discovery, along came the first article about Saturn and Jupiter conjoining. Since my spirit-eyes and ears were already turned all the way on, I instantly knew some things. Saturn is a planet named after Kronos, or “Father Time.” I see it as a symbol of Father God. Jupiter is called the “King Planet.” I view that as Jesus, our King. They’ve been gradually moving toward each other in the sky since July 28th. During these weeks of December, leading up to Christmas, they will conjoin more closely together than they have since the 1200’s, and will seem to become one “star.” All of this WHILE there is a comet named Erasmus near them in the sky.

As I set out to learn more about Saturn and Jupiter, I found that they each have a letter of the Greek alphabet as their symbol. I saw in an article a sketch of each planet’s symbol. Then suddenly I remembered a dream I had LAST December… 12/15/19 to be exact. THIS IS MIND-BLOWING.

I dreamed that I was standing just to the side of a full length mirror, and the hand of God came into the scene holding a small piece of paper. Some design or marking was sketched on the paper, but I didn’t recognize what it was. The Hand laid the paper on the floor and slid it up to the very edge of the mirror. Now the sketch had its “other side”….the other half was in the mirror and it made the design look more like something I was familiar with. Also, one tiny bit of the half in the reflection was missing. I heard the Lord say, “Think mirror,” and then a beautiful teaching just unfolded into my mind. This’ll be hard to put into words, but it was like the shape that the Lord had sketched was symbolic of a blueprint… a blueprint for what he wanted to build or make, and that was Heaven’s side. Then the side that was reflected in the mirror is Earth’s side. He was showing me that whatever He plans to do on His side of the veil, HAS to match and get completed on our side… here in the earthly realm. The tone of this teaching had a quality of inevitability to it. (Think Isaiah 55: 10 & 11.) SO, here’s the thing: (drumroll please….) The image I saw, with half on the floor and the other half reflected in the mirror, is exactly what the two Greek symbols for Saturn and Jupiter look like if you conjoin them! Remember I dreamed this dream on December 15 LAST YEAR, 2019.

Now, think back to a small detail from within the dream. The sketch the Lord had drawn was a certain shape, and the other half of it appeared in the reflection of the mirror… except…the half in the mirror had a tiny part missing! When I asked the Lord about that, He showed me MORE interpretation for the Flying Elmos Dream. For three years Sarah and I had been stumped on the significance of the man in the front seat riding along in the Camaro. Now the Lord was showing me that the meaning of that man’s name is, “What’s left,” “what remains to be done.”

SO. Let’s review. We’ve got Father God and Jesus coming together in the sky, in a John 17 kind of intimacy vibe— and some say it’s the same astrological event as the Bethlehem Star, a comet named Erasmus hanging out nearby, AND the crescent moon will be arcing through this whole scene next week. The moon represents King David and the Davidic lineage of royalty. (Psalm 89:37) To David was given the prophecy that he would never fail to have a “son” as King on the throne of God’s Kingdom, and it was a prophecy about JESUS who came 1,000 years later! Lastly I’ll mention that we have a dramatic dream from one year ago where God was showing that there was still a small portion of His plan that remained unfulfilled. But it WILL inevitably be fulfilled.

What does this all mean? Like, for us, right now in December of 2020? I do not know for sure… yet! But I believe that God is about to further elaborate! Especially if we will lean in and listen! And I KNOW FOR SURE it means that we should be doing two things right now: 1.) Act and live like Erasmus, and 2.) Be watching the sky!

Prophetic Happenings at Church

Dear Gateway,

God is speaking so much to our church and about our church and THROUGH our church right now that I’m having a hard time condensing it down into a written form. But if you consider yourself affiliated with Gateway Christian Center, you will want to know these awesome things! There’s so much good coming at us, it’s like trying to take a sip from a fire hydrant, and it’s challenging to organize the information. But I’m gonna try! Let me begin by talking about how special Sunday, Dec. 8th was.

For THREE YEARS we have been praying for the prophetic, and the tangible moving of Holy Spirit, to be activated among our people. Yesterday (Sunday) we experienced it! Here’s how things unfolded: First of all, we got there and there was a bird in the sanctuary. Initially I viewed the bird as an annoyance… it was fluttering around above people’s heads and making a distraction. But I happened to speak with Steve Lowe, and he told me he’d been trying to get the bird out since the day before, because it had set off the building’s security alarm, and he’d had to drive down to the church Saturday afternoon to see about it. He said that he tried several things to get the bird out, to no avail. At one point, the bird flew over to the big brown cross in the corner of our sanctuary and landed on the very top. He took a picture! Then he waved his arms very enthusiastically to try and shoo the bird outside, but the bird instead took off and flew straight UP.


When he told me that detail, my mind was suddenly flooded with recalling a beautiful dream I’d had a few weeks earlier.

👆🏻There’s the dream as I posted it on Facebook.

So we ended up having church on Sunday with the bird still in the sanctuary. At the beginning of our service, people just started sharing prophetic words, or dreams, or answers to prayer. This free-flowing sharing is a sign of Holy Spirit moving in our midst and we love it! Nadine came forward and shared a deeply encouraging thing the Lord had said to her. As she shared, we realized that the content of her word matched very closely with a prophetic dream Pastor Mike had had the night before. These “coincidences” are actually God weaving threads among us as a church and they hold great significance. After Mike, Nadine and Sarah had shared, I came up to explain something that the Lord had laid on my heart earlier that morning. He had spoken an Assignment for Gateway! He took two (partial) Scriptures and wove them together and instructed our church to PRAY these two sentences, OUT LOUD, every day until January 1, 2020.

His instructions about this were very clear and I knew that I should share it with everyone. He wants as many Gateway people as possible praying this certain, simple prayer every day. Will you please join us?

Okay, one more cool “coincidence.” This morning (Monday), as I was reflecting back on how sparkly-awesome church was yesterday, and remembering to pray our special prayer, I felt the Lord nudge me to check my phone and I saw a notification from YouTube inviting me to watch this message. (This is just a 2-minute screen recording I made. I can share the link for the whole message for anyone who wants it.)

This is about Jesus saying “It is finished” while he was on the cross, and it’s about praying God’s word out loud.

NOT a coincidence at all. God is speaking to our church.

Love to all,


The 12 Year Foundation of Gold and The Lightning Rod!


Note of explanation: This article was originally written as a prophetic update just to the people of our church, but has been modified to be more ‘user-friendly’ for the general public.  Our church is called Gateway Christian Center, my husband Mike is the Pastor, and our worship leader is our daughter, Sarah. Throughout the Winter and early Spring months of 2019, the Lord began to speak to people among our congregation about the concept of “The Threshing Floor” and instructed us as a church to take our prayer requests to the threshing floor. We’ve enjoyed digging into the Bible to learn all about threshing floors, what they mean and what happens there! 

At our National Day of Prayer Event on May 2, 2019 we had 3 stations. One for Personal Threshing Floor, one for GateWay’s Threshing Floor, and one for praying over our Country.

As soon as I arrived to the parking lot that day, clouds gathered and I heard thunder rumbling. I got my big American Flag out of my car because I was going to use it to help decorate the “USA Station.” I carried it across the parking lot, and as SOON as I got into the building with it, a HEAVY rain suddenly began to fall. This rain (rainfall is SO LOUD at Gateway!) triggered a memory. And as soon as I started remembering, God started talking! I remembered that there was another service, years ago, that I had called and hosted (because God had told me to) and it had rained so loudly that time as well. So I started wondering, “When WAS that?” Then Holy Spirit just started bringing it all back to my mind and also talking to me at the same time.

It was the first week of May, many years ago. God had been speaking to me about Revival, and the last Sunday of April I’d actually brought the message at Gateway and it was entitled “Let it Rain.” Then God had instructed me to call Gateway to a Solemn Assembly… something I’d learned about in the ‘90s while studying past Revivals in American history. God instructed me to host the event for my church, and to tell the people that they must arrive into the building in complete silence, and REMAIN in complete silence until God released someone to speak. In private prayer at home one day before the event, God showed me that the Silence at our Solemn Assembly would last exactly 40 minutes, but that I was not to tell that to ANYONE, not even my husband.

So… miraculously… WE DID IT! A lot of people came. It was an evening event that started at 7:00. The people came into the sanctuary in silence, filled up the chairs, and we just sat there, waiting on God to move. Most were just privately praying or meditating. After a while, I heard the Lord say to me, “Look at your watch.” I did, and it was 7:39. Then a few seconds later, at 7:40 on the dot, Mike opened his Bible and began to read a scripture passage. SIMULTANEOUSLY, it began to rain. It rained harder and harder and Mike ended up having to shout to be heard over that rain on our metal roof! After Mike finished reading, people began to share. They got up and gave praise testimonies. It rained harder and they would have to shout. Then people began to get up and confess sin and shortcomings in their lives, and again the rain pounded so hard that we needed to shout to be heard. It was COOL!

So, fast forward to this past Thursday. These memories were flooding my mind, and I excitedly told Sarah that somehow we’d ended up having our National Day of Prayer event on the exact anniversary of the Solemn Assembly event, and I told her it was in 2006. Numbers are important to me, so in my mind I did the math and said, “It was 13 years ago, almost to the DAY.”

(This was incorrect but I don’t want to get ahead of myself here…. it’s part of the story of how God moved on Thursday!)

I chose to go pray at the USA station first. I got on my knees and began to just pray for America. Almost immediately I heard the Lord tell me to ask for Gateway to be a “hot-pocket”… a “hotspot of activity for the Fire and Glory that are coming as We launch Great Awakening and it sweeps nationwide.” It was like God was feeding me the words to pray. “Let Gateway be a hotspot of brilliance and Light and glory and miracles.” And when the word ‘miracles’ came… I saw Jesus laughing with his head thrown back in the most authentic and JOYFUL, victorious-feeling laughter!

THEN, I saw a vision: I saw an hour glass with only a very few grains of sand left in the top half. I thought, “Oh no! Time is running out??” But then I saw a hand come into the picture, and as soon as the final grain of sand dropped, the hand gently turned the hour glass over. Then the scene zoomed out a bit, and I could see that the now-FULL top part contained sand that was Red, White and Blue!

Then the scene changed and I was shown a map-image of the United States, and a wave of GOLD swept over it, turning our whole country gold!

I was so excited about what I’d just seen that I immediately shared it with Sarah. Then she told me that during that same time, SHE had just had a vision while praying at the Gateway Threshing Floor! Here it is in her own words:

“Over America—  I saw the Lord tilt up the chin of His Daughter America, home of the Free and the Brave. He said so tenderly to her as He lifted her face to His, ‘America, America, God shed His Grace on thee!’  Then He kissed her and His LIFE BREATH went deep into her being! She is coming back to LIFE! America the Beautiful! Land of the FREE, home of the BRAVE.” 

Later, when I had moved on and was praying at one of the other stations, God nudged me and said “Hey, it wasn’t 2006.” I knew he was talking about my incorrect assessment of when our Solemn Assembly had occurred. He said, “It was 2007, remember?” And I DID! He had instructed me that year to do THREE assemblies, one month apart, leading up to the Nashville ‘Call’ event in July of 2007, and then take a group from Gateway to The Call. Spring and Summer of 2007 had been an AMAZING time for our church! 🙌🏻

So after God reminded me that it was ‘07, my brain said, “Oh okay so it’s been TWELVE years.” And then God said “Look up the spiritual meaning of the number 12.” So I did!

The number twelve represents FOUNDATIONS… the laying of a foundation.  Then God showed me something SO AWESOME that it gave me chills. The 12 years in between the 2007 Solemn Assembly and our prayer service last week was, how do I put this…. ROUGH for our family (and many families within our church). I’m talking fiery trial after FIERY TRIAL! But that FIRE was purifying our foundation and turning it to Gold! For TWELVE YEARS God has been making sure that our foundation at Gateway is pure, golden, forged in faith, and STRONG! 

While I was still praying at the “Gateway Threshing Floor” station, the Lord said some other exciting things.  I will type it out here like the conversation that it was. 

God: “When I determine to do a thing, WHO can stop it? Implied answer: NO ONE.” 

Me: “What have you determined to do here, Lord? Make MY heart-desires match YOURS, O God! Don’t let me cloud this with any selfish or misguided goals/hopes/dreams!” 

God: “Gateway is a Lightning Rod!  An anointing will come here… a FRESH-feeling anointing. Salvations, baptisms and healings will flow out of it.”        AMEN!

Late that same evening I received a text from a prophetically gifted person who: 1.) RARELY texts me, and 2.)  Had NOT come to our church’s event and knew nothing of the details about how our National Day of Prayer had gone, but he texted: “God has  been telling me to tell you that today is a day of remembrance.”

The next morning I awoke from one of the strongest prophetic dreams I’ve ever had. I won’t take the space to type it all out here, but it was about our current President and the interpretation was that a New Day is dawning on America! 🙌🏻 

Then on Sunday morning, May 5th, the Lord woke me while it was still dark and just told me to look at the clock. I looked and it said 4:44. I said “What does 4:44 mean Lord?” And immediately I saw a vision! I saw the whole earth… our planet just floating in space (like a normal satellite photo would show), and a hand came and reached over behind the sphere  🌏 to take a piece of ribbon and bring it forward. Then another section of ribbon was gathered from the left side of our planet, then a piece from the right, then the fourth piece from the bottom, and the ribbon was tied into a bow upon the world.  

I got the strong sense that God was “wrapping things up.” (The kids these days… when something is nearly finished, will say “Put a bow on it!” That was what it seemed like God was showing me!) 

In conclusion, [for NOW!… because these cool prophetic things KEEP happening!] I just wanted to gather into one place here in our fifth month of 2019, all the things God is pointing to and saying to us as a people. Something HUGE (and wonderful!) is approaching, and I am so blown away that our humble little church gets to be a part of it! Let’s be READY!



Truth is a Person

Last night we wrapped up a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, full of laughter, sweet family-time, fellowship, good food, games, etc. It was just plain GOOD. Then I got ready for bed around 10:00 p.m. and as soon as I laid my head on my pillow, I literally felt my mind trying to turn to some dark places. (It was like my brain had a mind of its own! Weird, I know!) It felt like a train, loaded up with Negativity, Fear, and Doubt, left a station nearby and came railroading into my thoughts, unsolicited!

First there was fear. Y’all I am not a fearful person and rarely struggle with that issue. But suddenly I was worrying about everything all at once. How my kids are turning out, my teen daughters’ safety and well-being, my grand babies, my marriage being attacked, our finances, the health of our church… no area of my life was untouched by this dark, creeping fear. Because I’ve been a Christian since I was 9 years old, and I’ve been in church all those years and paid attention (!), I knew what to do. I recognized where this crap was coming from, and I began to pray. I said the name of Jesus out loud, and I began to quote a lot of Bible verses that I’ve committed to memory over the years for occasions JUST such as this one! Guess what? It didn’t work this time.

Having faced this particular “not working” thing before, I knew what to do next: WORSHIP HIM. (By ‘Him’ I do mean the One and Only, the Lamb slain before the founding of this world, our Jesus.) Now my favorite way to worship Him is to sing to Him. It’s what I’ve always done, since early childhood. So lying there in the darkness of my bedroom I tried to softly sing my worship to my God. But it wouldn’t come out of my throat. And that’s when this dark nasty force took it PERSONAL. I heard a foul whisper, “If he hadn’t taken your voice away you could win this thing.”


There it was. Bullseye. Arrow straight to the heart. My heart hurts already every single day over the fact that I lost my voice seven years ago and never got it back. My heart grieves over the fact that I can no longer sing. Lying there in my bed last night, tired and wanting to be asleep, I’d temporarily forgotten that I can’t sing anymore. For a SPLIT SECOND, I felt my spirit, my heart, my core self trying to slide down into the location this foul demonic spirit had chosen to take me… despondency and bitterness, anger at God, spewing at Him “Yeah, God I WOULD worship You if You hadn’t made it freeking IMPOSSIBLE!” It felt good to my hurting flesh to be angry.

But. Somehow (praise God) I knew this was a trick. It was an invitation to somewhere that looks/feels good at first, but turns ugly once you’re there. I knew not to go.

I’d already tried prayer, quoting Bible verses, saying the name of Jesus… I now caught myself wondering what other tools I might have in my tool belt. (Mike had just preached the day before on our spiritual armor, from Ephesians 6, so I was mentally scanning through whatever options I may have left.)

And that’s when Jesus showed up. Like, inside my mind, where I could see him, His manifested Presence came walking into my thoughts. (That’s the best way I can explain it.) Y’all, the look on His FACE. It was so… human. And recognizable. Like, “Hey there I’ve seen this nasty thing you’re up against tonight while you’re just in your bed minding your own business trying to go to sleep. Want some help?”

[This is the kind of Savior we have!😭]

So this is how it went down after that: He asked me, “If all of those things that you were fearing actually happened, and every other worse-case-scenario you could imagine also happened to you, where would you be?” I said, “With You.” And suddenly ALLLL this PEACE flooded my mind/heart/soul. Then He invited me somewhere. He said, “Come float on a cloud with me.” Now this is funny right here… like an inside joke between me and Jesus, because he knows I hate it when people think that Heaven is just formerly-alive humans floating on clouds. So I saw this delightful twinkle in His eyes when He invited me to do that. In my mind, my imagination if that’s what you want to call it, I pictured Jesus and me lying down and relaxing, adrift on a white puffy cloud. Nothing was said… we were just TOGETHER. The next thing I knew, it was 6:00 this morning and I was waking up from a refreshing sleep. Still feeling close to Jesus.

**WHO WON THAT, Satan??** hahaha

I know that God wants me to write this episode down and share it with others, because we all have a nasty enemy who is real, and can try things against us. The devil hates us because we bear the image of God, and he really never tires of trying to trip us up. It’s important that we know how to fight him and take our stand against him.

One final note: the thing I was doing right before Jesus Himself showed up and basically shut the enemy’s assault down, was that I was scanning (frantically, I’ll admit!) through the list of weapons/armor in Ephesians 6. I realize now that what “worked” in this case was Truth. The very first piece of armor Paul lists is the Belt of Truth. The fact that he calls it a belt shows that it protects your gut, your CORE. Remember how I said that the enemy took it to a place that was PERSONAL? When he brought up my voice condition, it felt like a gut-punch to my soul. But last night, I didn’t have to “find Ephesians 6 in my Bible” or intellectually remember the verse about the Belt of Truth. My frantic mental scanning got interrupted because TRUTH walked in. Truth is a person, and His name is Jesus. He helped me so much last night! ❤️